Monday, January 30, 2017

When The Wind Blows
By James Patterson
Genre: Science Fiction
Publication Date: 1998
Number of Pages: 416

When Frannie O’Neill’s husband was killed, she has pulled back from her booming veterinarian practice and started keeping to herself. Then things changed one night when she finds a girl, Max, running through the woods. Max has special talents that make her valuable to the school she escaped. Kit Harrison, a troubled FBI agent, goes undercover in Bear Bluff Colorado investigating the deaths of doctors involved in embryonic research. Kit and Frannie find themselves coming together to help Max free the other children from the school.

Subject Headings:

Women veterinarians
Government investigators
Medicine, Experimental
Genetic engineering

Three terms that describe this book: 

This book keeps readers on the edge of their seats. A great example is when Max is at the fence and she is trapped. The bad people are closing in but she figures out she has an ability that allows her to escape.

James Patterson writes in short chapters. Events and characters keep moving so that readers want to keep turning the pages to find out what happens.

The bad guys in this book are meddling with nature. They are genetically modifying children for their own purposes.

Jumper by Steven Gould
The Infinite Instant by Danielle L. Parker
Fleet of Worlds by Larry Niven
Jupiter by Ben Bova

Sunday, January 29, 2017

1. I am looking for a book by Laurell K. Hamilton. I just read the third book in the Anita Blake series and I can’t figure out which one comes next!

This series is printed in plain text and graphic novel format. If the patron is looking for the series in plain text I would suggest,  "The Lunatic Cafe". If she would like the graphic novel format I would suggest, "The Laughing Corpse Book 1".

2. What have I read recently? Well, I just finished this great book by Barbara Kingsolver, Prodigal Summer. I really liked the way it was written, you know, the way she used language. I wouldn't mind something a bit faster paced though.

I would recommend "Anthill" by Edward Wilson. It has a lush and lyrical writing style and a Ecofiction genre like "Prodigal Summer".

3. I like reading books set in different countries. I just read one set in China, could you help me find one set in Japan? No, not modern – historical. I like it when the author describes it so much it feels like I was there!

I would recommend "The Teahouse fire" by Ellis Avery. The writing style is descriptive and richly detailed.

4. I read this great mystery by Elizabeth George called Well-Schooled in Murder and I loved it. Then my dentist said that if I liked mysteries I would probably like John Sandford, but boy was he creepy I couldn't finish it! Do you have any suggestions?

I would recommend "Capital Crimes Series" by Margaret Truman. It is fast-paced, a mystery and suspenseful.

5. My husband has really gotten into zombies lately. He’s already read The Walking Dead and World War Z, is there anything else you can recommend?

I would recommend "I am Legend" by Richard Matheson. It has the same tone, bleak and the same pace, fast.

6. I love books that get turned into movies, especially literary ones. Can you recommend some? Nothing too old, maybe just those from the last 5 years or so.

"The Martian" by Andy Weir
"The Yellow Birds" by Kevin Powers
"Room" by Emma Donoghue
"Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn

7. I love thrillers but I hate foul language and sex scenes. I want something clean and fast paced.

I would recommend T. Davis Bunn. His series, "Marcus Glenwood is a fast-paced legal thriller full of  suspense.

How I find books to read:

I find books with Novelist, GoodReads, recommendations, browsing the shelves and even sometimes I pick a book up because the cover has peeked my interest. Finding read-alikes are easy to find in Novelist but I use GoodReads to read recommendations from friends or others who enjoy the same type of books. Often a patron will talk about a book that they have read when they return them. I take these recommendations also.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

I have always enjoyed reading. It allows me to venture into other worlds. Creating what the characters look like in my mind, allows me to use my imagination. As an adult it is a nice way to get away from the stress of everyday things. However, I have not had a lot of time to read for pleasure the last couple of years. When I do get a chance to read, I lean towards Young Adult and mystery/suspense books.
Some of my favorite books in the Young Adult area have been The Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer and The Farm Series by Emily McKay. I enjoy these series because one tells the romantic side of vampires and the other shows the evil side. Young Adult books creep close to the line of adult romance and horror but keep it on the lighter side. This is another reason why I enjoy reading them.
Mystery/suspense is another one of my favorite genres to read. I enjoy the hunt for the suspect and figuring out who did it. Suspense adds the thrill of danger and adventure. Two of my favorite authors are James Patterson and Iris Johansen. Alex Cross and Eve Duncan are well created characters. Patterson and Johansen allow readers to get to know their characters with continued stories involving them.

I look forward to adventuring into new genres as part of this class. I find sometimes adventuring from my comfort zone allows me to find new things that I enjoy. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Welcome to my blog! This is my first blog post and site. My name is Rachel Rice and I am nearing the end of my MLS degree. It has been a bumpy journey but I am excited about all of the new things I have learned.