Sunday, February 26, 2017

By Patricia Cornwell
Genre: Mystery
Publication Date: 1990
Series: Kay Scarpetta

Debuting as the first novel in the Kay Scarpetta series Patricia Cornwell introduces us the world of a medical examiner. Someone in Richmond, VA is strangling women and it is Medical Examiner Kay Scapettas job to figure out the clues. Kay and Detective Marino struggle with the idea that her boyfriend may be the killer. Kay uses forensic science to help flush out the killer.

Subject Headings:
Medical Examiners
Medical novels
Women Detectives
Scarpetta, Kay

Three terms that describe this book:

This book keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

Intricately Plotted
A leak inside the medical office, searching for a killer and the relationship with Lucy leave this book with several storylines.

Cornwell uses medical terminology to give the readers information that leads them to understand what a medical examiner would deal with.

Christine Falls by Benjamin Black
One Grave Too Many by Beverly Connor
Carved In Bone by Jefferson Bass
The Fourth Angel by Suzanne Chazin

Week 7
“Why the Banning of ‘A Birthday Cake for George Washington’ Really Matters
By Ramin Ganeshram”

After reading the article I felt angry that the publishing world allowed people to censor their publications. Not everyone agrees on what they read. The publisher should have worked with the author to write the ending that reflected the truth and approve the illustrations so they were true to the story. They gave into the pressures of society. By pulling the book from selling they just made the book something that people want to read because it was banned not because of the importance of the content.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


The goal of the campaign is to get people to try reading author Jayne Ann Krentz. By using the phrase” 3 For 1” I hope to get them thinking about what the other two are. By adding AKA I hope to  peak their curiosity enough they may come in or check out the webpage. I chose to use a business card, table tents, and postcards. The business card will contain the the AKA names,library website, phone number and address. These could be handed out after an elevator speech or when someone doesn’t have the means to carry extra papers. Postcards will also contain the catch phrase and a photo of one of her books. The postcards would be sent to those who have signed up to receive notifications about new romance releases.The table tents will display another one of her pen names along with a photo of a book cover. These could be displayed on table throughout the library and in the stacks. 

                                                                   Table Tent

                                                            Business Cards


Sunday, February 12, 2017


Pines by Blake Crouch

A fast paced suspense novel that makes the reader wonder what will happen next in Wayward Pines.

Secret Services Agent Ethan Burke is sent to Wayward Pines to investigate the disappearance of two agents. Ethan wakes up next to the river with no memory of how he got there and where he was. As he staggers into town things see off. He realizes he has no phone, wallet or ID. Slowing the pounding in his head becomes so severe that he loses conciseness. The hospital appears to be empty and Nurse Pam too nice. The children and other residents of the town seem like a scene out of Mayberry. Ethan knows he needs to leave. Why can’t he get a call out? Why won’t his boss call him? Why is everyone acting so strange? And why is there an electric fence surrounding the town?

Crouch writes a page turner with suspense around each corner. Get swept away into a world that leaves you wondering if Ethan is imagining things or if there is something more sinister going on?

Week 5 discussion

With little or no professional reviews for Ebook romances it takes a little bit of faith for the selector to purchase for their collection. As a selector it would be necessary to look for the author, if not popular, in print format and reviews of those books. Having these review might lead the selector to an informed decision on the author and the book. If this author does not have any other books in print, look at the content. Is the story similar to other popular authors, subjects, location, etc.? If so, this book could be popular with patrons. With little or no reviews, a selector needs to take extra time to investigate and make an informed decision.

From these reviews I am not getting that it is a romantic suspense. The book appears to be another love story. What would attract patrons who like to read romance is that it happens during the magical time of Christmas. Romance and Christmas time fit well together allowing the reader to think that something magical will happen. The reviews did not provide enough information about the pace, setting or style of writing. I would have to look elsewhere for information to see if the author wrote any other books or if there are any more reviews located on a different resource. I would not order this book based on these reviews alone.

The reviews for Angela’s Ashes brought me into the story. Would I add this to my collection, yes I would. The review brought parts of the book that tugged at the reader to the surface. The details of the children that died and the tearing wood from the walls pulls the reader into the struggle they are experiencing. Just enough to make the reader to want to know more.

Do I think it is fair that one type of book is reviewed to death? No, I do not think it is fair. Popular authors have a better chance of being reviewed then those who are just starting out. Why do I believe this? An example is the lack of reviews for Ebooks. Some of these authors may be first time authors but yet there is a lack of review because of the format. Have I seen some badly written books in electronic format? Yes I have. I believe this is because it is easier to publish and get a book out into the reader’s hands. The process is different from print.
Review resources who do not print negative content are not thinking of their readers. There are siding with the authors and publishers. It is giving them a way to sell a book without the bump of negative reviews. All sides should be allowed so the purchaser has been given enough information to make an educated decision.
I currently purchase 800s for my library. It appears that this section is not one of the favorites for selectors. I was not familiar with the section but I am learning. Is it real exciting to me? No, I would prefer 741s but I am giving it the proper research and though out purchases it deserves. I use review for each purchase I make. Even the ones that are suggestions by a patron. I try to find Kirkus and Library Journal reviews. I do so because I believe they are reliable resources. Periodically I look at list such as the New York bestsellers to find books that people are reading. I still however use reviews to help with my final decision. Nonfiction should be about both sides and contain correct information. These sources help selectors in the purchasing of books that do just that.