Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week 13

As an adult who reads Young Adult Fiction, I believe that it should be embraced as another resource for adult readers. I do not necessarily want grown up solutions or content to read. Some of the content of Young Adult Fiction is relate able to those things that I dealt with as a teen. I feel that I can relate to the characters in the books and their situations.

As a readers adviser the option to explore Young Adult Books should be suggested to readers. There are many books that can carry over into the adult genre world. An example I would suggest is "The Farm" by Emily McKay. It has vampires and teens dealing with being chosen for their blood. The characters have to deal with adult type of situations but are still dealing with the reality they are only teens and the adults cannot help them. The pace of the book is fast paced and the chapters are not long, keeping you turning the pages. These are some of the same things that adult readers are looking for in a book.

When it comes to graphic novels they may not be a genre but their format gives reluctant readers a place to start.  Even though graphic novels do not have one specific genre they should be treated as another format for readers.Some readers need visual help to fully understand the content. If the reader struggles to read having less reading to do at a time can be a plus.  Just like with audio and ebooks which allow readers to read with quick access or listen to a story due to hearing loss. As a parent I encouraged my children to read what format and genre that interested them and got them reading.

As a readers adviser Young Adult Fiction and graphic novels should be part of the recommendations to those seeking help. Just as we look to find recommendations based on their preferences we should be giving them options that do not fit the mold of what is written for adults. They may be reluctant to say they have trouble reading. By making the recommendations they may find confidence to share this information the next time they seek you for help.

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  1. Very thoughtful, insightful prompt response. I couldn't agree more! Full points!