Sunday, April 23, 2017

Week 15

In order to promote a fiction collection I would come up with a plan that would promote the fiction collection in several ways. These would need to be done visually in house and out by using print, social media, and visual displays.

In house marketing would include displays that show the fiction collection in large and standard print, paperback, and audio. It would also include marketing with flyers, tents showing specific authors and bookmarks that include a list of fiction authors.



Social media such as Facebook and Twitter would be used to post blogs and tweets about authors and the collection. Along with this how to find these materials and how to connect to Hoopla and Overdrive to access additional formats of the materials.

When promoting out of house postcards, flyers and newsletters would be used. For those who choose to sign up to receive a monthly newsletter could read about the collection. Flyers could be posted in laundry mats, community boards and locations where people are waiting and are looking for something to keep busy during that time.



 Of course the one way to always promote any collection or material is word of mouth. It is free and easy to do. Informed staff can provide the word of mouth promotion to engage patrons and talk about about the collections. With in house and out of house promotion through social media, displays, print material and word of mouth, a collection can be highlighted.


  1. Hi, I agree that word of mouth (ours specifically as librarians) is one of the best ways to promote fiction and anything else that we need to.

    1. Word of mouth can spread good and bad about a library experience. We can hope for only good news.

  2. Great prompt response! You've got some innovative ideas that can definitely help! Full points!