Thursday, April 13, 2017

Wifey's Next Come Up

Wifey’s Next Come Up
By Kiki Swinson
Genre: Urban Fiction
Publication Date: 2015
Number of Pages: 198
Series: Wifey, 8
Kira thought all of her problems would be gone with her father. She was wrong. Detective Grimes is out to prove Kira knows more then she is sharing and he won’t stop until he proves it.

Subject Headings:
African American Women--Fiction
Urban Fiction

Three terms that describe this book: 

Sex can be detailed or the atmosphere created leaving readers knowing what happens.

Swinson writes short chapters keeping the story moving.  

Death seems to be common in Urban Fiction. It has to do with the lifestyles that the characters are living.

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Kiss The Ring by Meesha Mink


  1. Hi Rachel. This is a nice succinct annotation. I would like a little bit more of a synopsis to decide if it is something I would like to read though. How did you come up with your read-a-likes?

  2. With the book being part of a series and the chapters short I tried not to give much away. Kira is the main character of the books and the books focus around her life. Trouble seems to find her. I used NovelList to help with read-alikes.

  3. This annotation gives me a nice, quick sense of what this book is about, and also helped me learn the names of a few other urban fiction authors. Thanks!

  4. Great annotation, albeit a bit on the short side. Full points.